Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is National Diabetes Month.

It is also the month of Thanksgiving, thereby making it National Gratitude Month.

So --- I should be grateful for my diabetes.

Um. not quite there yet. If it saves me in a war, then we will talk. If it gets me a job that in turn pays for the insanely expensive medicine and equipment, I'm good. If I get paid lots of money for telling people how awesome it is, well, then, gratitude will pour forth. At the moment, I'm not quite there yet.

(Seriously, it did save this guy in a war. He was in Vietnam, and he went into DKA, and when the VietCong came upon his unit, they thought he was dead and didn't kill him. That's how he was diagnosed. I'm not even kidding about that - he spoke at a diabetic conference about it.)

But apparently, we are all supposed to wear blue every Friday in November to promote National Diabetes Month. I'm cool with that.

Somebody needs to explain this to me.

HOW is wearing blue going to raise money/awareness for anything? I mean, it's not like I answer the door to the UPS guy, and he's all "Wow, what's with the blue shirt, and I'm all "It's for diabetes" and he's all "I'm going to donate RIGHT NOW." I don't foresee conversations like that happening. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. Because that could TOTALLY happen. Maybe if I was wearing a pin or something?

It's not like blue is that rare a color. But then, if you picked a rare color, nobody would wear it (everybody wear chartreuse to celebrate!). Also, I think it's the color for autism awareness. But I like blue, so I'll wear it on Fridays, and it'll be for a PURPOSE.

It's also National Epilepsy Month. For that one, we are supposed to wear purple. I guess we'll all just look like a giant bruise this month. Groovy.