Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If a Tree Falls In the Forest....

If you dream you're exercising, with Bob Harper...and you wake up sweaty and exhausted, does it count?

Let me 'splain.

180 before bed.

1 unit = 50 points correction.

So, you would think 2 units would be in order, yes?

Well, I thought so too, but I didn't want to go too low in the night, seeing as how nighttime lows pretty much SUCK, so I just did 1.5 units.

Dreaming of exercising.  Apparently I was feeling up to 2 classes with Bob Harper, and I did a cardio and a Yoga one.  Then we had lunch.  (I think I have been watching too much Biggest Loser on Netflix lately. But they pulled it, so now what?)

2 hours later, I roll over, feeling dizzy and disoriented. (Y'all know where I'm going with this, right?)  I pick up Dex, stare at it confusedly as it states LOW.  How did I miss all the alarms?  The dropping rapidly alarm, the under 70, the under 55?  The alarms that so often keep me awake unnecessarily?

Mostly, I'm just dizzy  - my main hypo symptom now - ( as a side note, it's so odd how the symptoms change.  Can one thing with diabetes stay the same?  JUST ONE?) and I pop a Starburst and decide to check with my meter just to make sure Dex isn't lying.  Because, you know, sometimes it does.



I crawl out of bed, slink on the tile floor, and just yell out 'help'.  My husband jumps up - "What's up?"  Thank goodness his night owl tendencies won out and he was awake last night around midnight.

"39.  Help."

I am sweating profusely.  My heart is jumping.  Lying on the cool tile feels unbelievably good.  I think back to my dream, and wonder if I can count this as exercise.  After all, my heart rate is up, I've worked up a good sweat, and my sugars dropped. I have all the "symptoms" of a hard workout.

A glass of milk appears by my side. I down it.  Then a glass of chocolate milk appears.  Gone.  More candy.  Yum.  I start to feel better.

I head back to bed, wondering about the rebound high, and deciding I don't care.  A 73 on the meter confirms I am rising quickly, the symptoms change from sweaty and dizzy to shaky.  Pretty soon the Dex agrees.  244 with double arrows up!!  Then it dropped to the 180's. I drift back and forth between sleep, and checking my CGM.  The sugars are going up and down, and I want them to stabilize before I know how much to correct.

Finally, I decide things have calmed down, about 3 hours later.  233.  OK.  With a 50 point correction conversion, that means....screw it. 1.5 units again.  I am NOT doing that again.

Woke up in the low 80s.

Apparently exercising in your dreams is very, very effective.