Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still honeymooning - I have proof!

So, last week I went up for my second "mixed meal tolerance" test, which is a lovely procedure in which they pull blood, and then give me a Boost drink (vanilla! I asked why they couldn't do chocolate, and they stared at me blankly and could give no real reason. I like to think the next study patient might get chocolate thanks to my efforts).

After my lovely "meal", which I have to drink in 5 minutes (not hard) they pull blood every half hour for the next four hours.

Oh, did I mention I go in fasting, having taken no insulin the night before? It's such a party.

Based on these results, they decide whether or not I am eligible for infusion. They are mainly checking C-Peptide levels, because if there is no C-peptide activity, then there is no insulin production to preserve, thus making their efforts in vain. (Although I do wonder if someone who's been diabetic for years could have some positive reaction to the drug. Maybe that'll be their next study.)

I am happy to report that not only do I still have C-peptide activity, my levels are higher than they were before! 3.5, in fact, which is fairly high, even for non diabetics. That is excellent news.

So my next infusions start towards the end of October. If this dose helps as much as the last one did, well....fingers crossed.....

They ran another a1c, too. 6.4. Not as good as the last one, but I think my last one (5.3!)was so low due to multiple lows as I kept having to figure out my insulin:carb ratio that was constantly changing. Still, 6.4 ain't bad. I'll take it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Am Hungry.

For the past few days, I have been STARVING. Like, all the time. the diet hasn't changed, and the sugars have been stable.

What gives? I haven't felt this way since I was pregnant or nursing, and well, that's definitely not the case now.

Anyone else starving? Is it the amylin thing? Do I mention it to anybody? Will it go away?