Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Am Hungry.

For the past few days, I have been STARVING. Like, all the time. the diet hasn't changed, and the sugars have been stable.

What gives? I haven't felt this way since I was pregnant or nursing, and well, that's definitely not the case now.

Anyone else starving? Is it the amylin thing? Do I mention it to anybody? Will it go away?


  1. Yes, we are all hungery :) It is proably a amylin thing. But if you hadn't said that your Blood sugar numbers hadn't changed I would ask you if you had been having any high numbers or at least high for you. High Blood Sugar also can make you hungery. Symlin does take some getting used to but I like the effects, I east less and have smaller after meal Blood Sugar spikes on a lower amount of insulin. I have a no Symlin and a yes Symlin insulin to carb ratio. It won't go away but you can get used to it and not bother you as much but I would mention it your Endo and see what they say. I loved your Cholestoral post, I learned some new information on the fluffy fat :)

  2. I checked my sugars a lot, trying to see if lows or highs were causing it, but I kept getting '96' or '102' which of course is completely normal.

    It seems to be going away now, or at least I'm getting more used to it? Maybe it was PMS hormones. I don't know.