Friday, February 11, 2011


I ate a chocolate croissant today at lunch. (not FOR lunch, just AT lunch.) Well, half of one. My husband brought home samples from a bakery and I kind of NEEDED it. Apparently, though, I did not guess right on the amount of carbohydrates, because an hour after lunch I went low.

So then I HAD to eat the other half.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream A Little Dream

I've really been getting into this whole exercise thing lately, and Jillian Michaels has been on my TV a lot. Last night I tried her "yoga meltdown" which was less "breathe and stretch, just go as far as you can" and was more "Rep it out! Come on! You can do this! Sun salutations - FASTER!" which was a little jarring when it wasn't what I was expecting. It was still a good workout, though, and hey, expectations can shift. It's all good.

Except then last night I was dreaming that I was hiking with Jillian and some other nameless, faceless people, when we reached our destination and I asked Jillian for some juice because I was shaking pretty badly and thought I was going hypo. She of course reached for the juice, and poured me a glass, but I couldn't get to it, because, you know, it was a dream. Since I couldn't get the juice, I tried to get to the candy in my pocket, but it too was not cooperating. (You know those dreams where you have to pee in your dream, but you can't go? It was like that.) Then I woke up. I wasn't still shaking, but my heart was racing, and I thought I had better check my sugars just in case my body was sending me a message. Yep. 60s. This time the candy was available, though, so that was comforting.

This is the second time I've had a dream when I'm low. I wonder if that happens often to other people.

So - doing a hard workout before bed - not the best idea in the world. I often do yoga at night, it's very relaxing, but I suppose I'll have to stick with the calming, soothing kind. Jillian can wait until morning.