Friday, April 18, 2014


Went to the eye doctor a few days ago.

Got reprimanded that it had been "almost 2 years!!!!" since I'd been there.

I think mostly the tech was mad at me because as soon as they called me back, and I walked into the first room of 3, and it was 9:45 in the morning, and I said  - out loud - "It smells like nachos in here."

I probably shouldn't have said that.

Because after I looked around for said nachos, wondering if there was a break room nearby or something, it's highly likely it was her breath.

Whoops.  But seriously, who's eating Mexican food that early?  And you know looking at eyes is close work, right?  You can't pop an Altoid?

So then I got the reprimand of not being there since AUGUST 2012!! And it's now APRIL 2014!!  Clearly, I could have suffered horrible eye diseases and I am so lucky I wasn't struck blind between now and then.

Which, you know, is probably true.

Then lots of tests were run and drops were adminstered, I sat there and listened while the dilation was starting.

She was charting, and I hear her talking to herself as she writes, and she says "OK, DM 2....blah blah this..."

And I interrupted her.

"DM 1."

She was flustered and confused as she looked up.


"You said DM 2.  That stands for Diabetes Mellitus 2.  I am a Type 1.  You need to write DM 1."

"Oh, Ok.  I just am SO USED to writing DM 2."

"I'm sure that's true, as it is more common, but you should ask before you chart something like that."

(And honestly, I've been going there for years, it should already be on the chart if you looked back, nacho lady). (But maybe somebody charted it wrong already and she did look.) (I don't know.)

And frankly, does T1 v T2  matter that much at the eye doctor?  Eye problems can plague all diabetics, so type probably doesn't play into their treatment at this stage.

This stage being:  MY EYES LOOK AWESOME.

So there.  See you in a year.  You know, if I remember.  Which I probably will.  I'm pretty good about that. Usually.

Also, I really should not drive after dilation.  They should really have a recovery room where you sit there and listen to music for a couple of hours before they just let you out on the road like that.

Oh, and I went out for tacos afterwards.  For some reason Mexican food sounded really good.  And it was.