Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh yeah.

OK, so I was in Utah for a blood draw on Monday, and they were going to run an a1c and call me with the results. Just got the phone call. Oh yeah, baby.


She asked if I'd been having a lot of lows, or if I just had good control. There was one day of lows a couple of weeks ago mainly due to the fact that I thought I should up my Lantus dose. (I was bitter about upping it, too). The next day, it was very clear that upping it was not the way to go. Bitterness assauged. Other than that, though, it's just mainly good control.

Today, I am happy. (Last night, I was mad at my 182 before bed, but hey, they can't all be perfect days, right?)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel Like I Should Post

Today is the official one year anniversary. I feel like I went through the whole one year stuff a month ago, though, because around Christmas was when I was feeling crappy and couldn't see, and didn't know what was up. By the time I got into a doctor and got a diagnosis, I pretty much knew what it was. So this anniversary seems a little anticlimactic. Still, though, it's worth marking.

I was in the dentist's chair a few days ago, and he was all "why are you here" and I was all "because it's been six months" and he was all "are you having any problems" and I was all "no, but I'm diabetic, so I come regularly" and he was all "DIABETIC!! Is that in your chart? Do we know that?" and I was all " Yes, but I know nobody here ever checks the chart so I'm mentioning it now" and he was all "well, you don't have any cavities" and I was all "well, good, since I don't eat sugar anymore" and he laughed. "That's the first thing I've heard that suggested diabetes was good for the teeth."

And then he handed me over to the hygienest and her assistant who chatted outside the room for a minute and I swear I heard "She just got her teeth cleaned six months ago" about 4 times. It was like they were shocked. Last I checked, six months was recommended, but I guess nobody really does it. So I got the assistant doing the cleaning, since I "just there six months ago" (AGAIN!) and my teeth were still pretty clean, and the assistant kind of sucks. But hey, she's learning.

I want a new monitor. I appreciate all the advice I got, (both emailed and on the blog) but again today I went from 175 to 92 in the blink of a test strip. Whatever. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, they will know what the insurance prefers (if any), and I am asking for a new one. Monitoring is, after all, the only way to really manage this disease.

In conclusion, canker sores hurt. I blame the dentist and their x-rays.

Monday, January 18, 2010

TIme for a New Monitor, Maybe?

So, before dinner tonight, I checked my sugars as usual.

69. That's odd. I don't feel low. (cue panic about not recognizing low sugars...) I'll check again.

153. Huh. My BS jumped almost 100 POINTS in the time it takes me to insert a new test strip? I don't think so. I'll check again. 180. Crap.

Hubby suggests I go grab my "back-up" monitor I keep in case I lose my regular one and check with that. Good idea.

122. OK, then. I'll go with that. That fits in with how I'm feeling (as in, I feel fine.)

(And let me tell you how much I LOVE using 4 test strips to check my sugar for one meal. Especially before my deductible is met.)

But, seriously, if I can't trust my monitor, I'm kind of screwed, right? Because if I'm at 180, I need extra insulin, but if I'm at 69, I need extra sugar. Kind of an important distinction. You know, as in vital.

It's a Freestyle Lite. It's what they gave me in the hospital at diagnosis because it's what Aetna preferred. I'm now with UHC (United HealthCare) and I don't know if they prefer one monitor over another, but, I'm going to ask -

Which monitor is the best? Most accurate? The easiest to use? Has anybody tried different ones and formed an opinion? I'd LURVE to know.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Need....Something. Not Sure What, Though.

I desperately need to gain weight. It's not healthy, my body-type. While I have always been an the scrawny side, this is not good. I can't understand it, really. My sugars have been fairly stable, I eat plenty, why am I getting so skinny? Is it because I've had a cold? I go into the endo next month, I can't wait. I have questions. Like mainly, how do I get fatter without screwing up my sugars royally? If he says "eat more" I will lose it. That's what everyone says, and IT'S NOT WORKING!

Today I went to the gym, in an effort to up my exercise for this year, and also to hopefully put on more muscle. I also upped my carb count (and dosage) at breakfast, since it's possible that my carb restrictions are contributing to my weight loss. Oh yeah, Curves was CLOSED at 11:45 on a Tuesday, and I checked my sugars before I went in (as I do before exercise) and I was at 200!!! (90 minutes post meal, so some insulin was still working I guess, but ugh.) Um, what was that about "my sugars have been stable?"

I lost it. I mean, really, truly, lost it. I will probably drop the Curves membership, because seriously, the hours are crazy enough (they've always been closed from 1-3, which I have never understood), and if they are shortening their hours even more, I simply can't do it. It's not like they have child care. If they're not open during afternoon kindergarten, forget it.

So I came home, checked my sugars again (172) and turned on my Wii fit to get my workout. I dropped the sugars to 103, and got my 30 minutes in, all the while boxing my arms off. I was mad, and the boxing felt good. I'm ALWAYS mad at a high sugar reading. I mean, if I'm counting my carbs and not eating doughnuts, and my sugars are still crappy, then what the hell is the POINT???

And HOW the hell am I supposed to gain weight? Upping the carbs just screws up my sugars, eating more calories isn't doing it, exercise isn't doing it, I need....something. Help. I need help.