Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel Like I Should Post

Today is the official one year anniversary. I feel like I went through the whole one year stuff a month ago, though, because around Christmas was when I was feeling crappy and couldn't see, and didn't know what was up. By the time I got into a doctor and got a diagnosis, I pretty much knew what it was. So this anniversary seems a little anticlimactic. Still, though, it's worth marking.

I was in the dentist's chair a few days ago, and he was all "why are you here" and I was all "because it's been six months" and he was all "are you having any problems" and I was all "no, but I'm diabetic, so I come regularly" and he was all "DIABETIC!! Is that in your chart? Do we know that?" and I was all " Yes, but I know nobody here ever checks the chart so I'm mentioning it now" and he was all "well, you don't have any cavities" and I was all "well, good, since I don't eat sugar anymore" and he laughed. "That's the first thing I've heard that suggested diabetes was good for the teeth."

And then he handed me over to the hygienest and her assistant who chatted outside the room for a minute and I swear I heard "She just got her teeth cleaned six months ago" about 4 times. It was like they were shocked. Last I checked, six months was recommended, but I guess nobody really does it. So I got the assistant doing the cleaning, since I "just there six months ago" (AGAIN!) and my teeth were still pretty clean, and the assistant kind of sucks. But hey, she's learning.

I want a new monitor. I appreciate all the advice I got, (both emailed and on the blog) but again today I went from 175 to 92 in the blink of a test strip. Whatever. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, they will know what the insurance prefers (if any), and I am asking for a new one. Monitoring is, after all, the only way to really manage this disease.

In conclusion, canker sores hurt. I blame the dentist and their x-rays.

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  1. Hmmm. Our dentist makes us set our next appointment before we leave the office and they are 6 months away. They told us some people like to come every 4 months, but it was fine to wait 6. I want to know who those crazy people are who WANT to go extra to the dentist.