Monday, January 18, 2010

TIme for a New Monitor, Maybe?

So, before dinner tonight, I checked my sugars as usual.

69. That's odd. I don't feel low. (cue panic about not recognizing low sugars...) I'll check again.

153. Huh. My BS jumped almost 100 POINTS in the time it takes me to insert a new test strip? I don't think so. I'll check again. 180. Crap.

Hubby suggests I go grab my "back-up" monitor I keep in case I lose my regular one and check with that. Good idea.

122. OK, then. I'll go with that. That fits in with how I'm feeling (as in, I feel fine.)

(And let me tell you how much I LOVE using 4 test strips to check my sugar for one meal. Especially before my deductible is met.)

But, seriously, if I can't trust my monitor, I'm kind of screwed, right? Because if I'm at 180, I need extra insulin, but if I'm at 69, I need extra sugar. Kind of an important distinction. You know, as in vital.

It's a Freestyle Lite. It's what they gave me in the hospital at diagnosis because it's what Aetna preferred. I'm now with UHC (United HealthCare) and I don't know if they prefer one monitor over another, but, I'm going to ask -

Which monitor is the best? Most accurate? The easiest to use? Has anybody tried different ones and formed an opinion? I'd LURVE to know.


  1. I'm sure you have already tried this, but make sure you have the correct code from your test strips set on your meter, that is if your meter and test strips require that. Just that alone can throw off your readings. I have used quite a few meters, but the only one I wouldn't recommend is a BD one and they are no longer in business. I use a One Touch and really like it. You might want to call the help line for your meter and see if they can troubleshoot with you on the phone.

  2. Another thing to try (I know this is a little late, and if you have a new one, disregard) is doing the (of course I am blanking here so forgive me while I use lots of words to describe the one I can't remember) fake drops to make sure that your monitor is reading correctly. Our monitor came with them and we keep them handy in the pouch. A girlfriend of mine says she has to recalibrate (that's the word!) every two weeks.