Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Reporting

Happy to report:

No diabetic retinopathy.

Teeth are still looking good.

Neck pain is decreasing, although not completely gone. I still have a few adjustments to go.

Seriously, though, leaving the eye doctor with my eyes dilated with that, I thought "I should not be driving. This is not safe." Of course I totally drove anyway.

So proceed with caution when driving near eye doctor's offices. You never know who they just set loose on the world.

Also, getting your teeth cleaned while your eyes are dilated is a little bit trippy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What the?

OK, so I got a new monitor "free" in the mail. I've only ever used the Freestyle and I wanted to try a different one out so I filled out the offer. It came today, and so I tested my sugars. Voila:

NEW MONITOR (One Touch): 77.

OLD MONITOR (Free Style): 92

Um. Yeah. I have no idea which one's right. So I tested again.

NEW: 76

At least the new one is more consistent. But still. I thought all monitors were supposed to be basically the same, and whichever one you like, that's the one you use. What do I do now? I know! I'll order a third one, and a fourth, and drive myself insane! Doesn't that sound fun?

I do remember joking that I wanted a new monitor that would show me lower numbers, though. I guess I got one.

And if my FreeStyle monitor really does run about 10 points high, then hey, my sugars have been better lately than I thought. Maybe OneTouch runs low. Maybe they're both about 5 points off. Maybe I should obsess about it some more.

Seriously, though, is there someone I can call to ask about this?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Non Whiny Post

My sugars have been SOO beautiful lately. I thought I should mention that, since it seems like I'm just on this blog when things are going badly, and I'm whining a lot. But really, the control has been so easy, and I'm grateful. I have another a1c next weekend, in Utah, as part of the study, so we'll see.

In other news, my neck hurts, like, really a lot. So I've started seeing a chiropractor, which is new. (Great! Another medical professional!) I hope he's not crazy. So far, he seems to be fine, but the second he tells me he can cure my diabetes with raw foods or supplements, I'm out of there. He took an x-ray, and he told me a couple of vertebrae in my neck are twisted - which seems to be something chiropractors say, according to Google. Maybe they are twisted, I don't know. So basically, I'm seeing if it helps, and if it does, great, if not - I'll stop going. Done and done.

The insurance covers it, so it's not out of pocket. Yes, you can blame me for high health care costs. I have become a far more expensive person to keep alive in the past couple of years. If he doesn't help, I guess I go to my primary care and complain of "neck pain." I've heard they love vague symptoms like that.

School starts on Monday (yes! Freedom!) and come Tuesday I'll hit the dentist, the eye doctor, and the chiro. Friday it's the study and the a1c. You know, it seems like this body needs more maintenance than my car and my house put together.

In conclusion, I love Crystal Light popsicles. They make summertime in Arizona a livable place for diabetics.