Thursday, July 15, 2010

What the?

OK, so I got a new monitor "free" in the mail. I've only ever used the Freestyle and I wanted to try a different one out so I filled out the offer. It came today, and so I tested my sugars. Voila:

NEW MONITOR (One Touch): 77.

OLD MONITOR (Free Style): 92

Um. Yeah. I have no idea which one's right. So I tested again.

NEW: 76

At least the new one is more consistent. But still. I thought all monitors were supposed to be basically the same, and whichever one you like, that's the one you use. What do I do now? I know! I'll order a third one, and a fourth, and drive myself insane! Doesn't that sound fun?

I do remember joking that I wanted a new monitor that would show me lower numbers, though. I guess I got one.

And if my FreeStyle monitor really does run about 10 points high, then hey, my sugars have been better lately than I thought. Maybe OneTouch runs low. Maybe they're both about 5 points off. Maybe I should obsess about it some more.

Seriously, though, is there someone I can call to ask about this?

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