Friday, August 18, 2017

Adventures In A1C -ing

So, recently I had a doctor's appointment. (2 weeks ago, maybe?)

It was on a Thursday.  On Friday he called to tell me my lab results, and my A1C was 6.8.

And, not to be one of "those patients" but there was no effing way it was that high.  I couldn't believe it.  So I freaked out and spend lots of money on various A1C testing.  Let's follow my trail of crazy, shall we?

Friday - Went to Walgreens.  Bought an A1C now type test, Walgreens brand.  Result was wonky.  Turns out it was expired, and this is one of those things where expired ACTUALLY means "doesn't work." (Not always true in medicine, btw). But they didn't have any more.  Very nice people.

Went to CVS, bought the same thing.  Ran it. 6.1. NOW we're talking. Felt better.  Knew I couldn't call my doctor with a home test result, though.  Went on Amazon and ordered a whole bunch more, a different brand, the kind my friend recommended.

Saturday - went online to Sonora Quest, and ordered a patient lab of an A1C. Went into a lab in the back of a Safeway and got blood drawn. Picked up a couple things at the store too. Kicked myself for not remembering to do this Friday, because actual lab test - cheaper than home test, and doctor will accept it.

Can I just take a moment to say "shout out to patient ordered labs?"  It's so awesome that AZ does this. GO! Order tons of tests! Obsess over numbers you don't fully understand! Wondering if you have high cholesterol but don't have a Primary Care? Order the lab yourself! I love this whole concept. Then take them to your doctor and have it entered into your chart instead of going to the doc, have them run stuff, and then wait days for the result, and then have them have you come in for a second visit, blah blah blah....

Monday - A1C Now tests come from Amazon Prime.  Run one.  It says 6.4.  Lab tests (that I had drawn on Saturday!) came back and said 6.6.  It came with a lovely attachment about how I might have diabetes and I should probably go to the doctor. Thanks, man.  Appreciate it.

So now, within what is basically a weekend, my A1C is anywhere from 6.1 - 6.8, with, let's face it, the two most likely candidates being 6.6 and 6.8.  I figure I can't really call my doctor with a "ha! Your lab clearly screwed up!" with a 6.6 v 6.8.

I acknowledge I have been crazy and I take a step back.

Until today.

Today I look at the second CVS kit and the 10 A1C nows I have, and decide to run them both at the same time.  Literally, the results were 30 seconds apart.

Yeah. One says 6.8, and one says 6.3.  The only difference was which finger I drew the blood from.  So not only are these not that consistent with lab tests, they're not really consistent with each other.  But then, different lab tests aren't completely consistent with each other, either, based on my crazy experimenting. SO WHAT TO DO?

Probably just take a deep breath and carry on.  Boring.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What if?

Ok peeps.  I have things on my mind.

I've been thinking a lot about my involvement in the Faustman trial.  In fact, I word vomited about it all over my friends today at lunch. Sorry about that, guys.  ("Oh am I talking too loud?  Sometimes I get over excited.")

And this is what I'm ruminating about -


What if she actually does it, and cures me?  Or if it doesn't completely cure me, what if she gets me any pancreatic function back?  A little, maybe even a lot?  And not just for me?  For all y'all? (Let's pretend I'm Southern for a sec.)

How do you say "Thank you" for something like that?

Hey, thanks for giving me my life back and curing my chronic disease - here's some flowers and a gift card to P.F. Changs.  Do they have that restaurant in Boston?  Hope so!  Thanks!  TTFN.

Maybe a goofy card? I don't know.

I was talking to my sister about this, and she has kidney disease, and is facing a transplant down the road.  And she had the same question - how do you thank somebody for a kidney?  (Hey, ever thought about donating a kidney, we hear it doesn't really hurt that bad...)

And...I don't know.  I don't know the answer to this.  It's still early days in the trial. no results are in.  I can't really speak to my experience.


Feel free to donate.  Thanks for donating last time.  Here's a Thank You Card.  Feel free to check all 3 boxes, because you are that awesome.

P.S. If you think of another fund raiser I can do, let me know.

Friday, January 27, 2017

8 years.

Today is my 8 year diaversary.  I didn't even remember until Facebook reminded me. Anniversaries are weird things.  Sometimes it knocks me out and I can't stop reliving diagnosis, sometimes it's like "meh."  

What?  Just because I go practically an entire year without posting doesn't mean anything.  It's been quite the year.  And I am pretty much under a gag order when it comes to talking about my participation in the Faustman trial, so I can't tell you much, except that Boston is pretty cold most of the time.  Also, really far from Tucson. 

My primary care called and said I had to go back in since I haven't been in years. So I did, in which case the Nurse Practitioner pulled up my chart, and said "It looks like you've been seeing your endo regularly.  Look, you just got your eyes examined.  You're clearly seeing doctors. Why are you here?"

"Bureaucracy?  Insurance?"

"Ok then."

I actually have an endo appointment next week, so the Primary Care ran all the labs for me so it'll be nice to just discuss the results.

A1C was 6.6  I was THRILLED.  Downloading the Dex after Christmas showed an estimated of 8, so I had to kick the new year in the butt and really focus more.  I had been running high and having major spikes and pretty much doing the minimum to fix them. So I was glad to see the butt kicking I gave myself helped.  Also - A1C is truly heavily weighted by the last few weeks.  If this had shown my Christmas numbers....

I have decided the secret to diabetes control is pre-bolusing (which gives me major anxiety) and water.  So much water.  I hate water.  It is not delicious.  But it helps. 

I would prefer this to be Diet Dr. Pepper.

However, my urine (what?  I talk about pee a lot - diabetes, you know) showed elevated microalbumin.  (around 54 - they want it below 30) I am not sure exactly what that means except that my diabetes is affecting my kidneys.  I will have to discuss this with my endo.  Dr. Google says the treatment is blood pressure meds.  I have super low blood pressure. I'm worried that if I add an ace inhibitor,  I'll become the incredible fainting girl, and I really don't want to be passing out everywhere I go.  It doesn't sound fun.  So we'll see.

All other labs looked good.  She didn't run a lipid test, so that'll be run later.  Thyroid is good.  

See y'all in a year.  Peace out.