Friday, January 27, 2017

8 years.

Today is my 8 year diaversary.  I didn't even remember until Facebook reminded me. Anniversaries are weird things.  Sometimes it knocks me out and I can't stop reliving diagnosis, sometimes it's like "meh."  

What?  Just because I go practically an entire year without posting doesn't mean anything.  It's been quite the year.  And I am pretty much under a gag order when it comes to talking about my participation in the Faustman trial, so I can't tell you much, except that Boston is pretty cold most of the time.  Also, really far from Tucson. 

My primary care called and said I had to go back in since I haven't been in years. So I did, in which case the Nurse Practitioner pulled up my chart, and said "It looks like you've been seeing your endo regularly.  Look, you just got your eyes examined.  You're clearly seeing doctors. Why are you here?"

"Bureaucracy?  Insurance?"

"Ok then."

I actually have an endo appointment next week, so the Primary Care ran all the labs for me so it'll be nice to just discuss the results.

A1C was 6.6  I was THRILLED.  Downloading the Dex after Christmas showed an estimated of 8, so I had to kick the new year in the butt and really focus more.  I had been running high and having major spikes and pretty much doing the minimum to fix them. So I was glad to see the butt kicking I gave myself helped.  Also - A1C is truly heavily weighted by the last few weeks.  If this had shown my Christmas numbers....

I have decided the secret to diabetes control is pre-bolusing (which gives me major anxiety) and water.  So much water.  I hate water.  It is not delicious.  But it helps. 

I would prefer this to be Diet Dr. Pepper.

However, my urine (what?  I talk about pee a lot - diabetes, you know) showed elevated microalbumin.  (around 54 - they want it below 30) I am not sure exactly what that means except that my diabetes is affecting my kidneys.  I will have to discuss this with my endo.  Dr. Google says the treatment is blood pressure meds.  I have super low blood pressure. I'm worried that if I add an ace inhibitor,  I'll become the incredible fainting girl, and I really don't want to be passing out everywhere I go.  It doesn't sound fun.  So we'll see.

All other labs looked good.  She didn't run a lipid test, so that'll be run later.  Thyroid is good.  

See y'all in a year.  Peace out. 

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