Tuesday, February 16, 2016


OK, folks.

I'm IN!

I am a member of the Faustman Phase II trials.  I went there, I got screened, and I'm IN.

I am supremely happy about this.

Here's a picture of happiness.

Also, I love this song and this show.

I will say this, however -

I signed a paper that said I wouldn't talk too much about it on social media or blogs, etc. so I am very limited as to what I can say.

Of course I can tell my friends and family about it, but they want the internet presence to be limited, as as not to compromise the study in any way.

Which makes me a little sad, because I wanted to blog EVERY STINKING DETAIL, mostly so I can bore you all to death, but also REALLY mostly so I can remember it all.  But I can't. So this is what I will say.

Boston is cold.  But it has good Italian food.

I will be traveling there, often leaving at unheard of times in the morning, because it is far away.

I want the REAL DRUG.  GIMME. It's a double-blind, so we don't know what I will get, but I know what I want.

You can read about her research on Faustmanlab.org.  You can also donate money.

They're still recruiting, so if you want to join me in my coolness, shoot them an email.

I got to meet Dr. Faustman.   Here's a picture to prove it.

I should have put makeup on.

That's it!  Send good vibes that I get the DRUG.  I want the DRUG, peeps.

Studies,  They're fun.

(Also, I went to the endocrinologist a couple weeks ago.  Labs were good - a1c at 6.7 - LDL cholesterol down to 138. Thyroid still fine. Yay.)