Friday, August 28, 2009

More Numbers

Man, this is boring, boring stuff. You know, if you're not me.

VAP test results came back today. Apparently, the fat is pretty fluffy. Good.

Also, when they ran my lipid profile in July, my LDL was 162(considered high), HDL 47 (good) total 221.

NOW the LDL is 146 (moderately high), HDL 52 (very good) total 215.

Of course, the total number doesn't mean much, it's all about what kind of cholesterol you have.

These tests were run almost exactly a month apart. So things are headed in the right direction - although the triglycerides went from 61 to 73, but both of those are still quite low.

As far as the extended results from the VAP, the Lp(a) cholesterol (a very dangerous inherited LDL cholesterol that does not respond to statins), very good. 6. (Under 10 is what you want.) All LDL is pattern "A" the large, buoyant kind. Whew. Pattern B is dense, and often associated with diabetes. I have none of that, not even any A/B pattern. It's the Lp(a) and the pattern that you really want to look at, and the main reason for the VAP.

CRP = 1.1. Under 1 is low cardiac risk , but 1.0 - 3.0 is average cardiac risk, so I'm on the low end of average.

So there you go. No statin for me. The numbers do kind of fascinate me, but then, they're my numbers.


  1. Sorry, if we're not talking about creatnine or BUN, I'm lost :)

  2. Creatinine is .6. See, I know my numbers. :)