Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Statin update

Well, I called the study and they got back to me and said I could go on Zocor, but I had to go off during the infusion time. (October) Going off and on seemed a little strange, so I decided to wait until after my infusions to take it.

I wanted to talk to my endo about it. I had my appointment yesterday, and talked to him about waiting until after the infusion to start the statin. He thought that was a good idea, although he wasn't sure he wanted me to treat the cholesterol at all.

I have a family history of high cholesterol, but no history of heart disease. Have I mentioned how much I love my endo? He knows the ADA guidelines, and the reasons behind them, but he firmly believes in treating the individual. He was saying all the stuff that I was reading, that treating high cholesterol doesn't necessarily prevent heart disease, and that some high numbers don't necessarily a sick person make.

HOWEVER, seeing as you do need to be a tad more aggressive when dealing with diabetics and cholesterol, he ordered a VAP test and a CRP test, and he was trying to describe what it was for, and I said "to see if my fat is fluffy?" He laughed, and said "how do you know that term? That's exactly it." I said, "they told me in class."

So there you go. Let's all hope for fluffy fat.

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