Monday, March 23, 2009

He Loves Me!

Saw the endo today. He said he wishes all his patients were like me. Hee Hee. Say it again, doc! I will say, though, that my sugars have been really good lately. Can you say "honeymoon?" Let's not say it out loud, though, might jinx it.

He's going to try to get me into a study, if one can be found nearby. His brother apparently is a bigwig in the JDRF,so he's going to talk to him about me. He left his brother a voicemail while I was there about getting me into one of the studies that do islet cell regeneration, or one that suppresses the immuno response somehow. Anyway, I'm doing well. So whew.

In number news, he didn't run an a1c, but I'm eagerly awaiting that in 6 weeks time. He did tell me that my GAD antibodies were at 199. Normal is 1.4. Um, hello. So there's really no question about it being my immune system - this ain't no Type 2, baby. But we knew that.

Also, some random lady at Curves starting telling me all about her brother who died of a diabetic heart attack at 54, and how if I don't take care of myself, all my organs will fail. Gee, thanks. I'm realizing that random stories about strangers I will never meet are all a part of my "new normal". I guess that's OK, I mean, hey, whatever, but if I'm a bad mood, all bets are off. Then ramblings about your uncle's sugars will tick me off, and I will eat you alive.

I think people with infertility issues deal with this, too, and I'm guilty on the other end of that one, so I try not to let the stories bother me. (Hey, sorry, fertility issues people, if I've bothered you with my ramblings about people I know.) I think really, people with ANY health issue have to deal with random anecdotes, so I just listen and nod, take any new info (if offered) and then blog about it. So there. Anything you say can and will be used as blogging material.

Especially you, doc.


  1. A doctor probably wouldnt recommend you for a pump until your honeymoon phase is over, so you might have to wait if you are interested in pump therapy. Pumps are usually only good for diabetics who DO take care of themselves, watch their blood sugars, and see their doctors and diabetes specialists regularly.

  2. By the way, good job taking care of yourself! Keep up the good work. It really pays off.

  3. Lucky me, I have lived through (well, I still am, I guess) both the infertility and the diabetes junk and all the 'helpful' comments from friends and strangers alike. I just nod my head and smile and if they don't shut up, I usually change the subject before I want to really punch them. :) By the way, I LOVE my pump! The endo will usually want you to wait a year, but I would highly recommend it.