Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boring Numbers, But Good News Nevertheless (I think)

Well, I don't think there's any question about whether or not I got the drug, although hey, the placebo effect is pretty strong, so what do I know?

Anyway, the Monday and Tuesday after I got home, I had a few nighttime lows, (60s) having to munch the Starbursts multiple times a night. While tasty, it's not really the best idea in the world.

My endo, who has become very parental towards me (I'm so PROUD of you for doing this!) took me down to 12 units of Lantus and switched me back to a morning dose. The endo in UT put me on a night time dose of 13 (I was originally on a morning dose of 14. Boring numbers much?).
This means I had two days (a couple of weeks apart) without Lantus at all, (and not adjusting my Novolog dose) while I made the change, and both of those days my sugars were completely fine. So I think my pancreas is still functioning a tad.

My endo is super paranoid about night time lows and likes his patients to have a morning dose of Lantus, so if you go low, you're awake for it. The other guy (who was a TALKER, holy cow) likes night time doses so when it wears off, it's not shortly after a meal or a snack and your sugars won't spike. Both valid arguments, I suppose.

So, while I'm certainly not off the insulin, the dosage is lower, and I'm starting to have a lot of pre-meals in the 70s, which I NEVER had before. My pre-meals were good before, though, usually in the 90s.

I have another blood draw this week, which I have to go up to UT for, which I think is kind of silly, since they just draw blood and then send it off to Macrogenics. Um, hi? We have needles and post offices in AZ. But hey, you want to keep paying for plane tickets, I'm OK with it....


  1. Don't know if they want you doing this just yet, but we split our Lantus dose. One in the AM and one in the PM. My son is on a total of 10 units of Lantus per day. In the AM he gets 4 units and in the PM he gets 6 units. So if you are on a total of 13 units per day, maybe 6 units in the AM and 7 units in the PM? Something to think about, check with the docs first.

  2. It's been mentioned. He decided not to, since I was doing all right without it, but it's possible that's in my future.

  3. Yea that was going to be my comment. If you ever go back on Lantus the new information says that anything under 20 units will not last 24 hours, so split the dose to get complete coverage. And lots of people go low after lantus doses too. I take 10 units a bedtime and 5 in the morning. I also saw some people recuiting for the study you are in a few weeks ago. Good Luck :)