Thursday, August 18, 2011

At the Eye Doctor

No retinopathy. Excellent.

No new technology. Dilation still stings, and it still sucks, and it still is unsafe to drvie afterward, and I still do anyway.

I did request a prescription for Latisse. I want sexy eyelashes, baby. I got one, (a prescription, not a sexy eyelash) and was told to call around to various pharmacies and see which one would be cheapest, since insurance doesn't cover this particular drug. (Answer: Target).

"Any other questions for me?"

"Nope. Just about my vanity and long eyelashes."

Then her voice got all comforting and soothing-like, "oh honey, you're not being vain."

Um, hello? I don't know if we have separate definitions of vanity, but I'm pretty sure wanting Latisse falls squarely under that umbrella. I'm OK with my vanity. I probably think this song is about me, too.

I use mascara. Other than cost, I don't really see the difference. "LOOK AT MY EYELASHES" is pretty much the message.

Then the technician pulled me aside and showed me her gorgeous eyelashes (and they were gorgeous) and told me to be careful with my mascara once I got the Latisse because excessive mascara use can break the newly long, lush lashes. I asked her which pharmacy she used, and she admitted that she gets her Latisse from Mexico. Hmmm....maybe I should take a drive....but Mexican pharmacies scare me, in a total I've-never-been-to-one kind of way.

And now, if you will excuse me, I will now go about the rest of my day, with "You're so vain" stuck in my head. My poor children.

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