Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Irony

So, the physical I had to go into? The one they said I had to do or else they would drop me as a patient? The one they blamed my insurance company for?

Not covered by insurance.

It isn't "I haven't met my deductible" not covered. Not covered as in "Not covered." Apparently my insurance thinks I've been in to my PCP a little too often. (Once every 3 years is way too much.) My insurance company paid my doctor $1.25. As in, the cost of a bottled water.


Of course, I'm laughing right now because my PCP hasn't charged ME to make up the 200+ dollars. Yet. If they do, I will laugh at them. It's their fault I went in, they basically forced me to make the appointment. If they had let me handle things the way I normally do, everything would be fine. Both for them and for me. They wouldn't have had to waste a doctor and his assistant's time just to make $1.25. Nope, they could have used that time to actually make money and see patients who need it.

I'll probably still have to pay it, though.

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