Friday, June 8, 2012

Endo Visits Must Be Logged....

....or else they didn't happen, right?


He still loves me and wishes every patient was just like me. I'm pretty sure he doesn't say that to everybody. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

A1c is still 6.3, which is where it's been since last June. Ok, then. I guess that's just how I roll. I was surprised, because the past few months, diabetes has kicked my butt a few (dozen) times, and I thought that would be reflected in the numbers. But I guess not. So....yay?

He gave me some Novolog pens to try, just to see if I like them better than my needles. I would tell you, but I keep forgetting to actually use the pen, so at this point in time, I have no opinion. I need to just keep it with the rest of my stuff, instead of in the fridge, where I just forget about everything until it's time to switch insulins.

It's HOT here.

The rest of my lab numbers should be showing up in the mail anytime now. All I got over the phone was "everything else looks good, kidney and liver is fine, cholesterol is good, your white blood cells were a tad low, but since everything else is fine, I'm not concerned."

Which of course sent me running to Dr. Google and had me self diagnosing everything from leukemia to a basic viral infection. I'm pretty sure I have everything. I would like to see what the cholesterol is, that's what everybody seems to care about, anyway. And so I get to watch my mail with anticipation, which actually brings me great joy. I always love it when there's something other than credit card offers and junk mail. But it also sent me running to my old labs and I can't actually see any WBC counts run before. He always just ran a CMP, not a CBC. And so I have no baseline! Was I always running a little low? A little high? Did I change? These are mysteries that will never be solved.

I know I've had CBC's in the past.

There's got to be one here somewhere.....