Monday, December 17, 2012

Doctor's visits. Yippee..

Endo visit this week.  And so it must be logged.

He laughed and laughed when I told him I got the placebo.  "But you did so well on it!"  I know.  My brain just really really wanted it, I guess.

My numbers haven't been stellar lately, especially at night.  Night time and diabetes don't mix well for me.  Either I'm up all night battling lows, or - and this is far more likely - I am up all night desperately injecting insulin trying to get below 200.  I swear I don't absorb it at night or something.  Unless I do, and then crash.

And I know it's wonky sometimes, but I love that Dex at night.  Even when it misbehaves, I am quick to forgive.  Because it wakes me up when I'm high, and I would have never known.

The download from my meter had the alert "patient's night numbers are significantly different than daytime." or something to that effect.  Yes, I know.  What is UP?

He mentioned pump therapy, so I could increase the basal rate at night, but said "not yet."  I was all set to ask for a pump - so please tell me "why not yet?"  

"Well, there's this new product from Tandem..."

"The T-slim.  Yes.  I know.  That's the pump I want."

"You're way ahead of me."  It's supposed to integrate with the new Dexcom a lot better in the coming months, so he wants to wait until that's done before he puts me on it.  I get it.  Wait for the upgrade before buying the product.  In the meantime, there's also a new basal insulin from Novo coming out that is supposed to be really great.  So there's THAT to wait I'm just waiting.  And hoping my nights get better.  Sigh.

A1C was 6.7.  Not fabulous.  Not terrible.  A .4% increase from 6 months ago.

LDL cholesterol still high.  Switched statins.  I grumbled some more about hating cholesterol meds.  He didn't care.

I had him run a CBC again, just because of the experience at Walgreens.  He called bullsh*t (literally he said that, I don't know why it made me smile so much) on my having low hemoglobin, but ran the test anyway.  It's all fine.  As I suspected.  WBC still a touch low.  I guess that's how I roll.

In the meantime, I am also trying to get my G4 Dex to come before the new year comes and my deductible resets.  It's not looking good, even though the one year mark is Dec.20.  Looks like I'll hit that deductible early next year.  

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