Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fundraiser/Giveaway/Happy 4 Year Diaversary to Me.

OK.  It begins.  I have a goal this year to raise money for Faustman labs.  I chose the 4th anniversary of my diagnosis to do it.  I have been cheating death for 4 years now, and I would really like it if all Type 1s could just go back to normal living, without the feeling with every shot that we're basically on "borrowed time."  I think Faustman has the best chance of doing this, and so, here we are.

My husband's company has kindly donated an ipad mini to the cause.  It can be yours.

I know, it sounds spammy, but it isn't.  Here's a pic of me holding it. Don't we look cute together? I will mail it to you, possibly. Exciting, isn't it?  Do you feel the excitement?

(Don't ask me why I'm not smiling.  More drama, possibly?  I don't know.  It is what it is.)

So, here's how it's going to work.  You go to the website and donate.  For every $3 you donate, I will assign you a number, a virtual "ticket", if you will.  So, if you donate $9, you get 3 tickets.  However, if you donate $10, you still only get 3.  The extra dollar is just because you're nice.  So, if you donate $50, you will get
16.  (But if you go up to $51, you get 17). Basically, take what you donate, divide by 3, and voila.  There you have it.

Once you donate the money, Massachusetts General Hospital will email you a receipt.  This is automatically generated.  I have received several of these receipts, and I know what they look like.  Your credit card number is not on it.  As proof of your donation, you need to forward me a copy of this receipt.  Please send it to heidithewiz at gmail dot com.

Once I receive your email, I will email you back telling you your number or numbers.

That's it.  In one week from today, on February 3rd, I will use to generate a winner.  I will then announce the winner, and mail you the ipad mini.  (Assuming that you're the winner.)

This is in time for Valentine's Day, so if you want to give your sweetheart a really cool gift.....I'm just saying, s/he would be impressed.

A few extra things.  Your name and address will be on the receipt. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but if you win, I would need that info anyway to send you the ipad.  I promise I am not building a mailing list.  I will not spam you.  Massachusetts General will not spam you.  (I even signed up to receive email updates, and I don't get very many).  Please do not pay pal me any money. I am not a non-profit, so you need to send it directly to her. I don't want your money, I want Dr. Faustman to get your money.

Also, please keep your receipt, as your donation is tax deductible.

I am told to be as legal as possible, I have to have a "no purchase necessary" option.  And so, if you would like a number and be entered in this giveaway, but don't want to donate, please write me an essay of at least 300 words about diabetes.  For each essay, you'll get a number.  Please do not send me the same essay repeatedly.  I am trying to raise money here, people.  I am trying to make the no purchase option necessary as sucky as possible so people find it easier to give three bucks.

Stats on the ipad mini:  It is the 16 GB, WiFi only option.  It is black.  My son wants it.  He doesn't get it.

Odds:  I have no idea.  Depends of how many people enter, and how much they give.

So there you have it.  Please enter, and May the odds be ever in your favor.....


  1. Happy 4 year anniversary! And what a great way to celebrate.

  2. Happy 4 year anniversary. What a great way to help further research, to raise awareness, to share an awesome gift!

  3. Congrats on your diaversary! xo

  4. Happy Diaversary! Love this idea!

  5. Congratulations on your 4 year diaversary. This is an awesome way to raise awareness! :)

  6. Your cousin Alison shared this with me. Diabetes runs in my mother's family and on both sides of my husband's, so congrats on your diaversary and thanks for raising funds (and awareness) for a great cause.