Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So, I've had some cool emails lately.

"Dear Heidi,

Our records show that as of September 2013 your pancreas was still making some insulin. We measured amounts of c-peptide in your blood and the concentration was 12.57 pmol/L."



Back story - In September 2013, I went to Faustman lab and donated blood for the study. I guess I didn't blog about the trip.  Sorry about that.  They seemed more excited to get my husband's blood at the time (they wanted a non relative with no auto immune diseases for the control group.)  But hey, they were great and it was a fun little trip.

And THEN this weekend I got an email saying "We would like to obtain your HbA1C's for the past five years to see if you might be good fit for the first group of Phase II."

Which led to me sending them my permission to do so, and a request for my c-peptide results. Which led to me being a minion.

As you can see, they were acceptable.  Hopefully I still have some.  It has been 9 months, after all, and though the a1c's have been ok, they could be better.

They use an ultrasensitive assay of C-peptide to assess residual beta cell function, with a detection limit of 1.5 pmol/L.  She attached a paper explaining it.  Here it is if you want to read it.

And thus, we wait.

But this is good.  This is very good. Onward and upward and all that.  Yes, this is the lab you all donated to for my 4 year diaversary.  Thanks again!!!  See what's happening because you dropped $3?  SEE??

(link to the phase 2 trial.)

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  1. This is pretty freakin' awesome, Heidi! I've tried to fit in visits to the Faustman Lab around my trips to Boston, but was never able to make it work. You've given me inspiration to try again.

    Good luck with everything...can't wait to read about how it turns out!