Thursday, July 9, 2015

Always Answer Your Phone If It's a Boston Number

I got a phone call this week. It was from Faustman.  They were going through their database and I fit the profile for people who can be in Phase 2, and they were just wondering if I was still interested.

Let me think about that.

So it has been a while (2013) since I had given blood, so I still have to pass the initial screen, but my levels were at 20 before, and they need them above 5, so they're fairly hopeful. The gal said something to the effect of  "you've only had it six years - I'm sure you still have something."  Let's hope you're right.  I didn't ask about the urine I sent them.

I literally know nothing else.  They want me to fax them my latest A1C, and I told them I had one coming up this month, so they want that.  They will call me "in about a month" to set up my initial appointment to screen me and PUT ME IN PHASE TWO.

I don't know how long I will have to be in Boston, or how often, or who pays, or any of that lovely stuff.  I don't care.  I will work it out.  Where there's a will, there's a way.

In other news, the Invokana isn't being nearly as good as it used to, I don't know if I just slacked off in control or I got used to it, or what.  I did have a day where the pump was being wonky, (I ended up getting it replaced) and I don't know if it was solely that, or the drug as well, but I had some fairly serious ketones - I don't remember feeling that nasty in a long time.  The nausea was intense - I drank gallons of water and it took a day and a half to have them disappear completely - it was the first time in a while I seriously considered the ER. I cancelled my evening plans and peed on those ketone sticks every 15 minutes, watching them go from "very large" to "large" to  "medium" back to "large" and then "medium" , eventually "small"...SO FUN.

Plus, the drug is over $400.  I have a savings card that makes it free, and  that's supposed to be good for a year.  But this last refill they called and said I had to get preapproval, so I don't know what's going to happen when I show up to get some today. I'm not paying over $400, even though I still like the drug.  It does have an increased of risk of DKA, and it does make me pee, but my post prandial spikes are better.  It also is supposed to increase your cholesterol, and you know how much I hate my statins.  We shall see if this is a long term thing.  

But I do have to adjust my nighttime basals, I'm going low consistently, to the point of if I don't fall asleep at least as high as 180, I know will wake up with a low - potentially a bad one.  Right now if I am normal when I go to bed (which, you know, is ideal), I use a decreased temp rate to fix the low.  It does, so what I really need is to just go in and adjust them.

The real news is:  Faustman.  Wants me in phase two.  


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