Wednesday, August 26, 2015

For those of you who keep asking...

...what's the deal with the Boston thing?  What's up with your trial?  How's it going with Faustman?

Here we go.

I sort of know what the deal is.  Kinda.

I received an email ("Dear Trial Participant") (I was really happy to see that greeting) with details and such.  However, the main detail, as to when I will start, is not yet set in stone.

They are beginning the "screening visits" in October.  They do have 150 people to screen (at least!) so I have no idea if I will be going out in October or if it will be later.  They also included a schedule of what the visits will be after that, should I pass the screen.

I really really want to pass the screen.


I have to have my c-peptide at a certain level to do it, so let's all keep our fingers crossed for that.  Prayers, chants, dances, whatever you got - I NEED TO PASS THE SCREEN.

After I pass the screening visit (see what I did there?) I will have to spend some time in Boston, in the winter, during a crazy El Nino year.  That should be fun.  Hopefully, the travel times aren't during crazy storms or anything.

I went and got TSA pre checked to make my travel experience better.

I will need a coat.  A good one.

And here's a cool video about her and this trial. It's long, so settle in, but she is AWESOME and I'm excited.  (2000 emails a week!  WHAT?! And I'm on the short list? SO EXCITING.)

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