Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, today.

I was reminded today of two things:

1. Pizza is the devil.

2. Exercise really matters - even in small amounts. Sitting around reading all day is not good for your sugars. Especially when you're reading a book about end of the world type disasters (thanks Andi!) and you're pretty convinced that if anything like that ever happened, you would die early and leave your family to deal with it themselves. Which would suck. Well, for them, anyway.


  1. Have you tried doing multiple injections for pizza? With my pump I do what is called a square wave bolus which means the pump delivers some insulin now and then some at a later time - about four hours later is what I set it for with pizza. Without a pump you could just give yourself another injection about three or four hours later. It would just depend on how quickly your body breaks the pizza glucose and fat down (the fat is the tricky part, especially with different types of pizza). You could just have some pizza and then test every hour after eating for a few hours to check your metabolism rate. I don't know what you think of that, but it is worth a try in order to be able to eat pizza. :)

  2. I am waiting for the time when I get a pump (which I will ask for if/when I stop honeymooning) to really eat pizza again, because I've heard that pumps work well for it.

    In the meantime, I have done extra injections occasionally, but I don't like it much. The feeling of going up and down a lot bothers me. Maybe I just haven't perfected it yet.

    I split my Lantus dose, so I'm at 5 shots a day, which seems like a lot to a non diabetic, but at this point - one more shot isn't a big deal. So it's not the shot so much as the sugar swings, which I think a pump would take care of.