Monday, October 18, 2010

Things That Make Me Say "Ouch"

I got my pneumonia shot (finally!) on Saturday. It still hurts. That was one heck of a needle, too. I had no idea.

My new exercise "regime" is to do something every day so that I'm a little bit sore the next day, just to remind myself that I'm alive, and I did something good for my body. Does being sore from the shot count? I'm going with "yes." (and "no.")

The only problem with the exercise "plan" is that I'm having to do more and more in order to feel the effects, and I try not to think about how eerily similar that is to alcohol/drug tolerance.

I guess it's good because it means I'm getting stronger, and it makes me work separate areas of my body, but it's bad because well, exercise isn't all that fun to do, even if it DOES actually make you feel better afterwards and helps your sugars.

And on that note, I have a DVD to work out to before the kids get home from school. Since my arm hurts, I think I'll do the ab portion. It has never failed yet to get me sore.

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