Monday, May 16, 2011

So I Didn't Quite Make It, But Hey.

Well, so I didn't exactly post every day for diabetic blogging week. And I TOTALLY meant to, I swear. The other posts were going to be more interesting, too. Honest. But my life got very crazy, we brought down a 16 year old girl to live with us for about a month, and even though she's a friend of mine and I've known her pretty much her whole life, adding a teenager to your house takes some extra work. Plus I have to like clean and stuff so she doesn't think I'm a slob. Plus it's the end of the school year, and the number of events in May is insanely high. Plus my husband needs the computer at night.

There - did I give enough excuses to assuage my guilt? Probably. I didn't feel all that guilty.

On the plus side, the sugars have been fairly good - one reading over 200, (stupid hasbrowns that I forgot about when bolusing) but the rest have been really very very normal, so I guess adding a teenage girl to your life regulates blood sugars - who knew?

I'm also adding that I have Zumba for my Wii and it's very fun, but the public will never know my awesomeness at it. And by "public" I mean "anyone at all".

Oh, and gas prices suck. Which is diabetes related, somehow.

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