Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring Differences - Yeah, I Got Nothing. But I'm Still Posting.

So I'm supposed to blog about "admiring differences" in the diabetic world. And since I always do what I'm supposed to do, here goes:

*crickets* *staring at fingernails and wondering if I should paint them* *thinking about Diet Coke*

The thing is, I don't KNOW a whole lot of people with diabetes. A couple of them simply won't talk about the disease at all. Denial is so pretty! Pretty pretty denial! Yay!

And even though I started this a while ago, I have just started to find the D-Blogging world in an effort to somehow connect with people with the disease that changed my life dramatically. But let me say this - people that like to talk about diabetes are my friends. Even if we have nothing else in common and you like to torture puppies, if you want to share diabetic experiences with me, be it type whatever, or caring for a diabetic, or anything at all related, I will listen and talk with you. And I will love it. So here's hoping I can find more blogs that help. Here's hoping something I write helps someone else, even though most of it is boring numbers and whining.


  1. I love puppies and have diabetes. I think we are good. :)

    I had never met a type 1 in my life until I found the OC. And it was a diabetic from New York who flew to California for my first diabetic meet up. Crazy!

  2. I think you absolutely nailed this topic!!! The bond of diabetes draws us together - despite what other differences we may have. Perfect!