Friday, April 29, 2011

200 is the new 100.

Nothing like seeing numbers over 200 every day for the past 4 days to make me feel like a perfect patient.

2 of those were in response to crazy lows - I know I should eat 15 grams of carbs, wait 15 minutes, yada yada. And I do that when I'm in the 60s. (mostly) But at 39, and home alone, I am eating until I feel better. Screw the high.

And then 2 of those were before I went to bed. I guess pepperidge farm cookie carbs require more insulin than the package dictates. (4 cookies is 22 grams - WHATEVER). Also, I was feeling pretty good from the knowledge that I was honeymooning.

Conversation with self: Hey, still honeymooning doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Your c-peptide levels are lower, and honeymooning diabetics still need to manage, you know. Self (replying): Duh. I knew that. Don't know what YOU were thinking.

Last night - no cookies, but apparently panda express sneaks more sugar than I thought. 210 before bed. Eh, wait a while, see what happens. Oh, hello an hour later, let's see what sitting here reading and not moving at all has done to my sugars. 245. Crap.

Conversation with self: DUDE. CHECK nutritional info on-line when you can. You would have dosed more, and avoided this. Self (replying): I KNOW that. I don't know what YOU were thinking - you seem to be losing brain cells at a rapid pace lately.

And so it goes.

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