Friday, April 22, 2011

Silly pancreas, tricks for are.....NOBODY. STOP.

In the diabetic version of "everything went to hell until I called the doctor" my sugars have been wacky until I had to document them for my last trip to Utah for the study. And then, they decide to behave. Not only behave, but behave BEAUTIFULLY.

91. 87. 109. etc, etc. (The highest I saw during the 3 day diary period was 126. OOOOH SOOOO HIGH!!!!) (Not really).

And so they looked at my sugars and couldn't tell me what to do to adjust, because obviously, I'm doing everything perfectly. And while I am, of course, practically perfect in every way, it made me sigh and laugh at the same time.

I will get the official results in a few days, but the test went as follows: No Lantus, No Novolog. Fasting sugar: 112. Drink given (ah, vanilla Boost, how I long for thee...) 2 hours into the test - 281. Yeah, bad. 281 is the highest sugar I've seen since diagnosis. (6 months ago MMTT 2 hours into it was 245.) It really confirmed to me that my pancreas is dead in the water. One hour later - 219. Huh. Something brought it down. One hour after that - 165, and a half hour later, I was at 134. So it would appear I have some pancreatic function after all. Or I did that day, anyway. This makes me HAPPY. VERY HAPPY. If only we could get that function to kick in a little EARLIER, that would be fabulous. It would also be "non-diabetic" so, you know....

Then I had a "physical exam" which basically consisted of the doctor telling me how much better I looked than when I first began, "so much more color in your face!" and he takes full credit for that, and seriously, he's said this every time he's poked his head in when I've been there (exams aren't standard every time I go). "Doesn't she look better? Do you remember how she looked a year ago?" which kind of translates to "you looked like a steaming pile of dog poo when I met you. I congratulate myself that you no longer do so."

I left, ate lunch and dinner (with appropriate boluses) and my sugars didn't come down at all, and I fell asleep in the 160's. SEE how my pancreas knows when I'm in the office? It's kind of a smart little organ, but instead of focusing its efforts on messing with me, it needs to focus its efforts on producing beta cells, although I'm sure messing with me is far more fun.

So no more study for me. All done. I can't believe I started this 2 years ago. Wait, yes I can. The results will be published in June, and then they will unblind everybody, and they can tell me whether or not I got the drug, and in what dosage. I was not aware of this, but apparently of the 3 "arms" that got the drug (1 placebo "arm") there were 3 different dosages. So that'll be interesting. I wonder if I'd gotten more drug, if I would have gone off insulin as they had 5 of 14 patients did. And yet it was stopped because it was "ineffective". Whatever. It was pulled because it was expensive. Period.

But that way lies craziness. I got what I got, and unless I have a time machine and a way to break into the randomization process of drug studies, I can't change it.

I'll have a new a1c soon, and official C-peptide levels, which will result in another boring numbers post. I'll bet you're all looking forward to that with baited breath. I know I am. (The thing is, I really am. This is my body we're talking about, you know.)

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I am too. I don't have any reason to be excited for you, but I am. I love reading about your experiences...of course I wish you didn't have to have them, but since you are, I am glad you share. :D