Monday, April 25, 2011

I've Got a Theory... could be demons. Wait, no that's not it. Just had to throw in a little Buffy magic there.

No, my theory is this: onglyza was what was messing with my sugars. Let me explain. No, too much. Let me sum up.

I couldn't figure out why my sugars were so great for my diary. I happened to mention to my husband that I was being a horrible patient when it came to my pills. (Insulin, I don't forget - pills, yes. If I'm not home at dinner, that's it. Pills stay untaken.) He pointed out that I wasn't taking those pills a couple of days before I was doing my diary. I mostly dismissed the thought, because really, there's no reason that would be it.

Far be it from medication and diabetes to be reasonable.

I started to be a good patient again and taking all my pills the day before I went in, and the next night the sugars were a little wacky again. So I decided to do an experiment (I mean, hey the pills were experimental anyway...) and went off them. Fabulous sugars in the house. I have even dropped my Lantus back to 10, and will see how that goes. (I've seen a few lows with no pills and at 12. I fought to get down to 100 with the pills and at 12.)

I never thought that would be it because my sugars were crazy before I went on it. It didn't start the day after I took them or something. No obvious linkage. But now I think I was probably mildly sick, and then the onglyza messed with me. Who knows?

I've got a theory - it could be bunnies.


  1. Very mysterious! The suspension is building!

  2. Oh sorry! Yeah, that was a total typo on my part....