Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As Promised ....NUMBERS! YEAY!!

A1c - 6. Awesome. I was really surprised at this. I thought for sure it would be at least 6.5. So I was thrilled.

C-peptide levels -- started out low again, and then at the 30 minute mark it kicked in and by the 180 minute mark it went up to 2.1, which is in the normal range. NORMAL. (6 months ago it was highter, but hey). It's consistent with what it's been doing up till now, starting out low and then my pancreas wakes up and starts squirting out the good stuff. If only we could get it to squirt out the good stuff EARLIER and CONSISTENTLY.

So my original thought that I wasn't honeymooning anymore couldn't be more wrong, and I am thrilled about that. They told me that obviously the onglyza wasn't doing anything for my c-peptide levels, and I could go off it, at which point I told them I had taken myself off it anyway, and gone back to 10 units of Lantus, since it really did seem to be messing with me.

And then, yesterday my fasting sugar was 43. Bad News Bears. Fortunately I had some toffee, plus some other Easter candy leftover. I had too much, and swung up into the 200s, but still, it was tasty. I thought it was just an anomaly, and then today I started getting really dizzy shortly after I woke up only to find myself at 39. I truly thought I would pass out - and who knows if I would wake up? It's scary to be very low and all alone. (Yes, I wake up after my kids go to school. I'm VERY lazy. Did you not know this about me?)

At least I still have hypo awareness. That's good. And lows like that might make getting approved for a CGM much easier. Still, I hate them. I think I might lower my Lantus again, which would be kind of awesome actually. We'll see what the doctor says.

So there you have it! Fairly good a1c, and still honeymooning! What was I whining about again?

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