Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ok the results are in and published for the Protege study, the one in which I participated. Conclusions? "Further study is warranted." Okee-dokee then. Good to know.

Link to MacroGenics press release:

Link to the article through the MacroGenics website:

My guess is that I was placed in N=106, which was a 6 day full dose - even though I went up for 2 full 2 week sessions. The first dose gave me a terrible rash (want to see?) and made my hair curly - I loved it! - and lowered my dosage considerably. The second dose just made me insane, which, let's face it, could be a strong placebo effect. Although, I did get somewhat of a rash then, too, but not nearly as bad.

Here's the first rash - after a few days of healing. Yeah, it hurt.

I can't wait to find out what I got. I wonder how long before I know.

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  1. That's a crazy rash! It makes me itchy just looking at it.