Friday, February 17, 2012

High as a Kite. And Not in a Good Way.

So, last night I saw a blood sugar reading of over 300.

I haven't been that high since I was diagnosed, and I realized it was kind of a 'mental barrier' for me. I guess there was a deep inner dialogue that said "you may be close to 240, but at least you're nowhere near 300. Your pancreas won't ever let you get that high." Apparently, my pancreas will let me soar right up there with Cheech and Chong.

Speaking of the personification of organs, I always picture my pancreas as really really sad that it isn't working. I know others have it sipping pina coladas, or mocking everyone while it collects unemployment, but I always see it as trying really hard, and it keeps getting smacked down. Kind of like Charlie Brown with the football.

(Lucy is my immune system. Too bratty for her own good. Charlie Brown is my pancreas. A hard worker that just can't seem to get it right. Someday, he'll kick that football, which is full of islet cells. You just wait and see. Or, more likely, someone will kick it for him while he stands by and cheers as Lucy is thwarted.)

I have way too much time to think about this.

At least I know what caused the 317, which isn't always the case with highs. I was going low right before yoga class, and I seriously overtreated, thinking what with the exercise, and the tastiness of this particular carby treat, what with the bananas AND the brownies...yeah.

I also learned that 10 days might be too long for the Dex to handle. After yoga, it said 122, so I was congratulating myself on the dealing well with the massive dessert. Oh, but the meter read 252. OK, time to change the sensor. But since I had no idea if that was 252 and *rising*, or if I was coming *down* from an even higher number, I figured I would check again in a half hour before I corrected. And then, well, I forgot, what with the Tivo'd shows to watch, until Dex buzzed that it needed 2 start up bg's, which, of course, was 2 hours later. Whoops. My bad. Well, the bad belongs to Diabetes, but still, I seriously could have handled that better. It also showed me how dependent I've become on the Dex in such a short time.

Again, live and learn. And You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Pancreas.

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