Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today, I Was A Moron.

Today I went out to lunch at a place that serves yummy sandwiches and salads. I often order the same thing every time I go.

I ordered. I sat down. As I waited for my order, I bolused for the tasty sandwich with thick 12-grain bread coming my way.

About 5 minutes later the server shows up with my cobb salad. Which is what I had ordered. It's also something I would consider not bolusing for, or maybe doing a minimal bolus to cover the carrots and whatever they might put in the dressing. How hard is it to remember what you ordered? Apparently, that is a tricky situation.

Hmmm...okay then. Much insulin about to be coursing through the system. Lunch not offering the carbs to offset the insulin. Fortunately, they give you a cookie with every order, whether you want it or not. And so, I ate my cookie, stole my daughter's cookie, and half of my husband's.

They did not get dessert.

Because today, I was a moron.

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