Friday, February 22, 2013

Dex and Control Issues...

The best way I know to control your diabetes is to lose your Dexcom receiver for a couple of days.

You will be waiting around for that beep and buzz that you're high, or low, so you can FIND that sucker, but no...your sugars are at 100, or 83, or 130.

I did find it that way once.  I couldn't find it, and then my usual nighttime high hit, and bam!  There it was, beeping at me from THE RECYCLE BIN.  Why it felt the need to leap in there and recycle itself, I'll never know. It has issues. It probably feels very strongly about the environment, and was making a statement.

I also think it wants to travel and meet other people.  For the past 2 days, I have been frantically trying to find it.  I knew when I had it last, I had calibrated it in the car right before piano lessons.  But then I couldn't find it.  I pulled apart my house.  I pulled apart the car. I called the piano teacher.  She pulled apart her house.  Nada.

I waited for the high to hit.  I'm thirsty...that's a good sign...check sugars...nothing.  I fell asleep, (at a perfect 100! that never happens) and going 2 nights without it has taught me how incredibly dependent I am on this.  I waited for the morning dawn phenom to kick in.  114.  Excellent.  Grr..I hadn't even taken out the trash, leaving a full bag in my kitchen just in case it decided to have a conversation with the used napkins and moldy tomatoes.

This morning....the piano teacher's son called.  They had found it!  It was in their front yard!  A neighbor asked them about the black iPod in their yard, probably hoping he had just found a new gadget for himself. I guess Dex and my purse don't get along.  She kicked it out, apparently, or else it decided to make the leap again.  Unfortunately, leaping into a yard on the one day a year we happen to get snow in Southern Arizona isn't the wisest decision.

And so they just dropped off my Dex. It is still working, thank heaven.  The piano teacher's son had a charger that fit, (and if you know him at all that won't surprise you in the least) and has been charging it for the last hour.  As soon as it saw me, "172" popped up on the screen, further supporting my theory that sugars are better controlled when it's not around.  Not that I want it to leave again.

I guess going high or low wouldn't have helped anyway.  Plus I couldn't make myself do it on purpose. 

But seriously, it needs to stay with me.  The world is dark and wild.  Hopefully it learned that.  And maybe I might just start using that zipper on top of my purse.

(That same purse HAD recently kicked out my transmitter too after I removed it when it was too itchy...I'm thinking we need to have a talk.)

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  1. Of COURSE your BG's were perfect! Haha! Isn't that just the way it goes sometimes?

    Glad that it was found, and in good shape too!