Monday, March 4, 2013

Everybody's Got a Cure....Links and Stuff

It seems I have been hearing a lot of the cure lately.  And so I will tell you what I've heard....

First of all, Dr. Faustman has raised over 14 million.  She has reversed Type 1 in mice, and she continues to put together her protocols for Phase 2 of her clinical study, and hopes to enroll patients sometime this year.  I will be headed out in September to give her blood.  Sweet.

Second of all, dogs seem to have gotten in on the cure action, and since they gave us insulin, it seems only fitting.

Third of all, this guy has a big announcement he can't wait to tell us about, and yet he can...

Fourth of all, cancer drugs fix everything. .

Fifth of all, a bionic pancreas is in the works.

Of all these cures, I really think that last one is the only thing that will lead to anything.  Why do I think that?  Because it's the only one that forces us to stay dependent on devices and injected insulin.  Seriously.  3 devices.  2 pumps and a CGM.  The cost and the maintenance will be a pain.  It will be so much better than what we have, but it will be expensive.

The rest of them will actually make our bodies do the work, and we can't have that, oh no, we can't have that.

So I sit, and wait, and inject, and test, and sigh.  I do hope a little.  Somewhat.

And I drink Diet Dr. Pepper.

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