Saturday, April 13, 2013

Who Knew?

First of all, I do not recommend taking a biology quiz while your blood sugar is at 350.  The brain fog is too intense.

That was my yesterday.  I ate my normal fiber bar in the car on the way to my class and while I was sitting there, I felt terrible.  I couldn't seem to stop yawning, and the lecture was super fuzzy, and despite the fact that most of this can be chalked up to the fact that this class is at 7:30 a.m.and the prof has a very thick accent, I decided to check.  352.  I was angry. Pre-meal was 149, and really, there's just no call for that, diabetes.

Fortunately, the correction bolus did work by the time the quiz rolled around, (mostly because the teacher forgot to bring the quiz and had to go print another one out, and he was very concerned that he hadn't brought the answer key, which just feeds my theory that my biology teacher doesn't know biology very well) and I was "only" at 200.

And in continuing with the theme of my last post, high numbers have been plaguing me lately, especially at night, and I am less than pleased about it.  (92 that day at lunch, though.  Boo-yah).

Also, it doesn't help that I ran my Dexcom receiver through the washing machine. (Shocker, right?) It may have survived the leaping out of my purse, but the washer was a bit much. It doesn't work.  I am waiting for a replacement.  It's taking a while, probably because my doctor is slow about signing faxed scrip requests.  Maybe this new one will like me better and not try to run away so much.

So last night when we headed to a "Spring Fling" carnival at the school and the only food offering was pizza,  I sighed.  I bolused.  I ate.  I prepared myself for another nighttime battle. I mean, if my dinners of grilled chicken salad or cobb salad and tomato soup weren't doing me any favors, surely the pizza of doom would send me over the edge.

Bedtime:149.  Ok.  I decided I wouldn't correct it down, and check in the night.

2:00 a.m.  101.  Sweet.

8:30 a.m. 117.  I haven't seen a fasting that low in a long time.

I've figured you out, diabetes. Domino's for the win.


  1. My son (age 25, diagnosed at age 7) had recently been having terrible morning blood sugar levels, until I remembered that when he was young he used to have ice cream every night (the fat keeps the nighttime numbers pretty flat). So now he's back to ice cream every night. Such a sacrifice!