Monday, May 13, 2013

Is it due to a medication change?

So...I really like these ICE drinks.  Today I grabbed a grapefruit one at the store.

Then I remembered I wasn't supposed to drink grapefruit juice while on this stupid statin drug, even though there was probably very little actual juice in it, I decided to forego it, because well, I am little, and don't need extra drugs circulating in my system.

Except.  I went and read about Lipitor and grapefruit juice, and came across the "juicy" little tidbit (ha!  see what I did there?) that Lipitor can raise blood sugar, so please tell your doctor if you have diabetes.


I should have known this.  I should have read more about this when they switched my statins, whining about how Zocor wasn't doing the trick.  (They were whining about the Zocor, I was just whining about how much I hate statins.)

Personally, I do hate statins.  I think high cholesterol is a fake problem. I argue with my doctors every time.  My triglycerides are always super awesome and that's where I keep reading the real problem is, not with the total number, or even the evil "LDL."

I did not go to medical school.  They know this. I know it too, and so I yield.  I am still bitter, though.

Anyway, he switched me to Lipitor a while back but for some reason the pharmacy didn't get it and so they kept filling the Zocor.  I did not see the need to fuss about this, but when the year mark was up for the Zocor, they said the doc would not refill that scrip and so here's your Lipitor, lady.

Okee-dokee.  I'll be "compliant".  I'll take my pills.

After reading that about the blood sugar thing, and how it can cause Type 2 diabetes, especially in women, especially if your BMI is under 25, I got very curious.  I went back through this blog.  I went back through my prescription history.  Coincidentally, I started whining about I was battling highs constantly and the insulin wasn't working, and maybe some residual beta cells died at EXACTLY the same time I switched to Lipitor. (March)

I pretty much guarantee this'll be brought up at my next doctor's appt, which is next month.

You can also bet that I will not be taking the Lipitor for the next month to see if my sugars go back to behaving, at least as far as they usually "behave." Because seriously, lately it seems like I can't get below 200 to save my life. I am up night after night trying to bring this down. A shot at 10, another at 2, and finally at 4 my sugars are down, only to rise again at 7.  My fastings are terrible.  I have increased my Levemir, I've changed the ratio, I've started exercising 4 times a week instead of 2.  And apart from eating pizza, nothing has helped.

I've really wondered about insulin resistance, and why I would develop such a thing now.  This might be the answer.

Today.  Sadly, very typical lately.

Hopefully I've found an answer to the high sugars.  Hopefully we can deal with the cholesterol in a separate way.  This is my hope.  Because truly, I do not want any complications, and NOTHING is more frustrating than doing everything "right" and still having the results suck.  I might as well be eating cupcakes and jolly ranchers.


  1. Hey, I just had some work done and my fasting sugar was 96. How do I know if that's good or bad?

  2. That's good. Totally in the normal range.

  3. (see above about how I did not go to med school.) But I don't see anybody getting upset about a 96.