Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quick! Tell Me Everything!

My new T:Slim pump comes on Friday.

So excited.

Also, freaking out.

Often, change is not my friend.  But I think this will be good.

I didn't know the answers to "How long do you want your tubing?"  and "Which infusion set did you want?" Um, you can't send me one of each?  Let me wear them all and then choose?

So, quickly!  Tell me everything I need to know about pumping.  Pros, and how to enhance them.  Cons, and how to diminish them.

I will of course meet with a T:Slim rep who will help me out.  What questions do I ask her?

Also, when you start pumping?  What do you do about the basal insulin (for me, Levemir)?  Not take it the day you start the pump?  Not take it the night before?  Take a little?

Help me.


  1. Your endo should really be helping you with the transition. For me, I was taking Lantus twice a day (split AM and PM). He gave me a "sample" vial of NPH to use in place of my evening Lantus (and calculated the dose) so it would cover me overnight, but then begin pumping in the morning with no residual basal. (The office also had me call them every hour -- a bit overprotective, perhaps, but safe.)

    Infusion sets: when I was trained, my instructor had various sets with her, and we ended up "trading" the Medtronic Quickset which came with my pump for a Silhouette (angled cannula). Nowadays, I use the T-slim (steel cannula) -- all Medtronic brand. The only way to know is to try them; and hopefully your trainer will have enough for you to try.

  2. Ditto what Scott says.

    Once your pump comes (if not before) you should hear from a clinician who will set up some training and help you with the transition.