Thursday, June 13, 2013

Went to the Endo today

Got some blood work, had a little chat, it was all good.

I was very nervous to tell him I had taken myself off the Lipitor.  There are plenty of doctors who don't like that, they call it "non compliance" and you can be dropped for it. My PCP would argue with me a lot about it.

(Just in case you were wondering, going off the meds helped a lot. Within a few days, correction doses were working again.  Insulin actually brought my blood sugar down.  Meals weren't a nightmare anymore.  It was a miracle.)

And then I remember why I love my endo so much.

He said things to the effect of "You know, I see a rise in blood glucose in some of my Type 2 patients with the statins, not yet in a Type 1, but that doesn't mean it can't happen."  "There's just a lot about drug interaction we just don't know. It really needs to be studied more"  "I'm going to bring this up in a conference I'm going to, see if others have dealt with it."  "Let's check your cholesterol and run another VAP test, and then we can revisit the statin issue if necessary".  "Have you tried red yeast rice?"

He didn't judge me.  He didn't roll his eyes.  He didn't tell me how much the benefits outweigh the risks.  He just listened and believed me, which he ALWAYS does, and this is why I LURVE HIM.

Then he looked at my chart, and then at me and said "Did you not want a pump?  Why aren't you pumping yet?"

YES.  YES I want a pump, last time I asked for one and we were going to wait to see if the T-slim and the dex talk to each other, but I'm tired of waiting, and let's do this thing.

"OK, let's check 'volatile control' and 'major swings' and see if you can't get approved.  You got approved for the CGM, so it should be OK, but I'll tell them how much you need it.  Your a1c's might not be bad enough, though.  Let's try, though."

And so I began the paperwork for the pump.  SQUEEE!!  Let's see how this goes.

A1c came back at 6.9.  This is still "under 7" but it's also "the highest I've seen since diagnosis" so I'm not really thrilled about it. I'm also not beating myself up either, it does reflect a lot of hard work, and I can't really say I'm surprised either because you know, lots of highs.

Cholesterol - with no statins, is pretty much the same as it was with the statins, and the LDL was in the 160's, which isn't stellar, but like, you know, whatever.  HDL was over 50, which is awesome, so there's that. He didn't tell me the triglycerides, which means they were good.  My triglycerides have always been good, and those seem to be the real indicators for heart disease, I think.  What do I know, though?  I could be delusional.

I'm happy to see the new results of the VAP.  Let's see if this is still fluffiness flying around in there.

Hopefully I'll be a cyborg soon.  Fingers crossed for the pump. :)


  1. Sounds like it was a great visit! :-)

    Keep us posted on the pump progress (that sounds like a diabetic tongue twister... haha!).

  2. Hope you are able to get the pump soon! My hubby is a T1 and the pump is a life saver. I'm not sure what long lasting insulin you use, but my hubby used Lantus. I think that stuff is poison (ok not really, but kind of). When he takes a break from the Pump and goes back on Lantus his sugars go all sorts of uncontrolled crazy.

    BTW- visiting from MMW in case your wondering. :-)

  3. I'm on Levemir. I was on Lantus for a while, but I had some crazy lows, so he switched me. In hindsight, I actually think those lows were more about the nighttime exercising I was doing (I'd go super low in the morning) than about which basal insulin I was on. So I have no strong opinions about Lantus v. Levemir.

    But everybody's different, and some people probably don't tolerate the long acting well. Also your husband's dose might be wrong - I have no idea. Apparently you use much less insulin on the pump than with long acting basals, I think I remember reading that in "Think Like A Pancreas". I have to get that book out and reread it. I'm glad he has something that works for him, though.

    But I also credit those lows for getting me approved for my CGM. Crazy that things have to get bad before you get the good tools.