Thursday, November 14, 2013

World Diabetes Day. A Poem.

(I totally stole this idea from Kerri.  Her poem's awesome.)

Have you drunk enough water?
Have you had enough food?
These are questions I'm asking,
Though I'm not in the mood.

No, I'm not in the mood
to count carbs like crazy.
But I know when I don't,
Everything will get hazy.

When the numbers are wacky,
I don't seem to know why.
I've done nothing different,
So why am I high?

Exercise is a must,
Though I know when I do it,
A low is a-comin,
I'll just have to get through it.

Leaving the house
Is a whole new ordeal.
Do I have all the supplies,
That I'll need to stay real?

Do I have all the needles,
the insulin too?
The pump set infusion,
And glucagon new?

The doctors they tell me
That everything's fine,
But come back tomorrow,
Because it's a fine line.

Machines are all running,
They pump and they check.
They keep things all humming,
So I'm not a wreck.

The cure, it'll be here.
It's due any day.
That's what they tell me,
Yes, that's what they say.

In the meantime, I wonder
If I can have milk.
I ask the same questions
As those of my ilk.

It's a cruel game we're playing,
This sugar roulette,
With the pancreas taunting -
"You get what you get".

They just keep on pounding,
These drums in my head.
It's while I'm awake,
And while I'm in bed.

So here's to the people.
The people who pray,
The people who celebrate,
World Diabetes Day.

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