Thursday, January 9, 2014

Picard tells you what....random thoughts.

1.  I recently switched meters, from the OneTouch Mini to the OneTouch Verio IQ  They sent me one with my T Slim, and it has a *light* (brilliant! ha ha) and so at my next doc appt, I asked him to switch strips, seeing as how my prescription was expiring anyway.

The light is great.  However, it seems to vary greatly from fingerstick to fingerstick, and it's far more "off "  with Dex than the other meter. Like this morning, Dex says 76.  Fingerstick says 151.  Hmm. So I do it again, and this time it's 127.  Being off by a factor of more than 20 points is not unusual, and it drives me nuts.  Sometimes it says 240, than 218 the second time.  I pull out my old meter, and it's 189.  I'm supposed to make life or death decisions based on this?

Meter accuracy.  Drives me beyond crazy.

2. Last a1c was 7%.  This is not happy making, but I will not beat myself up over it.  It was just weird because I expected around 6.5%.  And when things are not what I expect, GRRRRRRR.  I know 7% is "fine" and all, but it's the highest I've seen, and my last one was 6.4, and yada yada yada.

3. When I see a 300 now, I don't freak out.  I should freak out, right?  I still treat it, I'm not that crazy. It's kind of scary that I'm more comfortable with terrible numbers.  It's also comforting, because you're going to get bad numbers, and freaking out is exhausting.  Still..  300 is BAD.  I see it more now with the pump mostly due to kinked cannulas.  Or ginger cookies.  WHY can't I avoid ginger cookies, and WHAT is the correct bolus?

It's bizarro, the mental gymnastics this disease causes.

4.  Speaking of Dex, I am seeing a lot of ??? and Sensor Fails, almost like I'm wearing the 7 again.  It's barely over a year old, do you think that has anything to do with it?  I am approved for a new transmitter, (yearly benefit) but it's the new year and I haven't started working on that deductible yet, and...expensive.  But if it's not working as well, I may as well get that deductible met now and get a transmitter that works.

4. Speaking of Dex again. Glucovation.  I want in.  Guys left Dexcom, started their own company to make an over the counter, cheaper, anyone can use it CGM?  That sends data to your phone? With no calibration time?  No fingersticks?  And MORE accurate?  No prescription necessary? I WANT IN.  Do they need somebody in podunk az to test it for them?  Can I work from here for them?  WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP  MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOONER?

Man, I wish I had tons of money to invest.  This is going to be big. I can feel it in my pancreas.

5.  And finally, I saw this one when I was making the other memes, and I love it, so I will end with it. (Not diabetes related).

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