Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Results and a New Diagnosis

What?  You DON'T post private medical information on the internet?

Phone call today after the appointment yesterday.  Keep in mind that although I love my doctor, their office does not have an A1C machine (what?!) and I always get my lab results the next day.  Bizarre, but what are you doing to do?

Seriously, the doctor's appointments have become "Hey, good to see you.  Still doing well?" "Fine.  Here's a study I want to join..." "Great!  How are the kids?"  etc.etc.

"So....Your A1C."

Pause, Pause..Anxiety level rising.

"What do you think it was?"

I had downloaded Dexcom data lately, I thought I had a good shot.


"6.2!!"  He almost shouted it.  It was kind of hilarious.  "I mean, that's almost TOO low."

Oh, no, it's OK, I'll take it.  I don't think it's too low at all.  5.2 might be running too low, maybe.  But I'm perfectly fine with a 6.2.  Especially since I haven't had a ton of hypos.

WBC still low.  Whatever that means.

Cholesterol still high.  Like that means anything.  (Well, he thinks it does.  He asked me to compromise and take a statin once or twice a week, maybe?  Ok then, I'll think about it).

Thyroid function good.


This time we did a check for antibodies for Hashimoto's, as my sister has it, and my dad, and seriously, I think I do too.  I've gained a little weight and the fatigue level has ratcheted up a bit.

As it turns out, well yes.  Yes, I do.  I am apparently awesome at diagnosing myself.  (I knew I had diabetes, I knew I had Hashimoto's, this is just going to FEED the hypochondriac in me.  That's going to be awesome for everyone around me.)

And so the auto immune diseases add up.

So that's cool.

Actually, I'm perfectly fine with it, as I was totally and completely expecting it, and seriously, it's on both sides of the family, it was coming.  Also, apparently I love adverbs.

Anyone else miss School House Rock?  Just me?  OK then.

He doesn't want me to do thyroid meds yet, as the function was good.  Dr. Google has differing opinions on whether antibodies require meds or not, but since I pretty much feel fine, except for the fatigue, which isn't that debilitating, especially since I upped the exercise factor, I think I'll wait.  At the next appointment, if I'm 15 pounds heavier and can't get out of bed, there will be a discussion.

And then I hear it in my head "Why wait until you can't function? Get on meds now."  But I don't know what level they'd shoot for if my thyroid shows up fine at the moment. ?  I don't know how this works yet.  Probably the low wbc, cholesterol, and thyroid are all linked.  Because pretty much everything is linked.  Also, did you know Hashimoto's can cause vocal nodules?  Which I get?  Hmmm....Maybe it wasn't all my yelling after all.  Or..maybe it was.  Who knows?  Anyway, I'm fine not being medicated yet, but I know it will come.

But hey, my A1C rocked the house.  And he was pretty pleased with the lab work as a whole.

(In other news, I've sent all my pee to Faustman.  Waiting to hear from them.  Also, I want to get into the ViaCyte study in San Diego.  Like, with my WHOLE SOUL I want to get in.  I've called them twice, have yet to receive a phone call back.  Prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts that I get in would be appreciated. )

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  1. I have Hashimoto's *and* Grave's disease and my doctor just keeps tabs on them every six months or so while they has it out. Usually one is canceling out the other, but not always. Autoimmunities: collect them all!