Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Could it be the infusion set?

So I texted my CDE to discuss why she thought I was suddenly having so many lows.

"How many?"

"Today?  Like 7."

"OK, I'm calling you."

We had discussed making changes to the basal rates, but not turning them down, but adding a profile for PMS which gave me approx. 20% more insulin across the board.

"Did you make the changes? It's early in the cycle for that."


"Did anything change?  Are you eating less fat?  Are you exercising more?"

I haven't exercised at all this week - my bad, and if anything, I'm eating more crappy foods, because that's what the pump lets you do!  Add a snack here and there that's totally bad for you!  I love it.

The only thing that changed is the site.  I did a site change and used a different infusion set.  I wasn't loving the Cleo, and I was going through them far too quickly, wasting them as they fell off during insertion or whatnot.  I think 90% was user error and "Pump Novicery" but it was getting old.

She decided I had probably hit a blood vessel and that was making the insulin deliver far more rapidly than a standard subcutaneous delivery.  The things I learn, I swear this disease has a never ending learning curve.  The next infusion set should probably see things even out.

Except it hasn't.  A few less lows, that's true, but they are still daily.  And annoying.  And we hates them, yes we do.  We also hates highs too, which basically boils down to: "we hates diabetes."
 (A beta cell is "my precious.")

So, my question is this, does the type of infusion set matter in the delivery of insulin?  I wouldn't think it did, but is it possible?  Or has my pancreas just turned on for a little while (I swear it does that sometimes)?  Or is it just the unknowns of diabetes?

I hate unknowns.  Maybe that's the great life lesson I was supposed to learn from this disease- that not everything can be controlled.  If so, I reject it. :)

Anyone seen changes when you changed the type of infusion set?

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