Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That Was New

So I was wandering the mall yesterday.  It was my birthday, and I needed to buy myself something.  It's mandatory.

As a side note, I'm just going to say that wandering the mall is a total assault on your olfactory senses and I do not recommend it if you have a strong sense of smell.  I don't know when every store and kiosk decided to blast scent everywhere but it is extremely annoying and headache inducing, smelling one "pleasant" scent after another.

What happened to just smelling Cinnabon everywhere you went?

Anyway, I digress.

After buying some pants for $7, which I was pretty thrilled about, I was walking around and I began to feel low. Not surprising given the lunch I had (with fabulous friends) plus all the walking immediately afterward, so I found a chair, sat down and checked.

My CGM said 82, and the meter said 75.  Not super bad, but still it merited treatment, especially since I felt the low, and I still had some insulin on board.

So I munch on some candy and start people watching.  I was in the fortunate situation that I had time to wait for my sugars to come up, and I wasn't feeling too bad.  Plus I had new pants.

Immediately this man walks up to me.

"How are you feeling?  Can I get you some orange juice?"

Blink. Blink.

"Um.  I AM having a bit of a low blood sugar, but I will be OK.Thank you."

"Yes, I can tell.  Are you sure you're ok?  You have what you need?"

This was new. I have never had a total stranger come up to me and know that:

a) I am having a low blood sugar  and
b) what to do about it.

Turns out he was a former EMT or firefighter or something. I wasn't quite clear on his job title, he was talking fast and I was having a low, but he was clearly used to dealing with PWD.  He mentioned cruise ships, so maybe he was on the emergency crew there.

I am not positive how he could "tell" I was low, but I think he just recognized the meter or the pump.  I like to think I didn't look like death warmed over. I'm optimistic that way.

"Can you drive in that condition?  Do you want me to call you a cab or a friend or something?"

"No, thank you.  I will be fine.  I just need to sit here for a few minutes and let the candy work."

"Yes, you just sit. Relax.  Feel better."

"Thank you."

And I did.

And when I  left, not only I was thrilled to smell the fresh air again, I was also reminded that there are good people in this world who look out for each other.

Not a bad birthday present, really.  Plus, cheap pants.


  1. Wow! What a neat experience! Glad you had a good birthday. PLus, $7 pants! Awesome!

  2. Glad he took the time to check on you... even if you had things under control. Happy Belated!! Sorry I couldn't come to your lunch...would've loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us that there is good out there! Bonus birthday pants ... wohoo!

  4. Good for him! Wonderful--and happy birthday!