Thursday, March 10, 2011

For the Record

My sugars are behaving beautifully again. I do not know what caused them to freak out for those couple of weeks -and I have discovered that nothing puts me in a worse mood than seeing 180 as a fasting - but they're all back to "normal" now. My theories:

1. I WAS mildly sick and didn't have other symptoms, but my body was fighting something, causing the sugars to rise.

2. The honeymoon was ending but putting me on onglyza DID cause a c-peptide response, causing better control.

3. The disease was just reminding me that often it doesn't make sense.

I'm going with #1, with a dash of #3, but you never know. I guess it's a good thing I didn't up my insulin after all.

In other news, Breyer's carb smart vanilla ice cream and diet root beer actually makes a pretty decent root beer float. That's exciting.

I still hate my One Touch monitor, but I've stopped throwing it across the room and swearing at it. Baby steps, people.

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