Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am way too young and have had this disease way too short a time to be having neuropathy like this. Fingers, face, toes - burning, tingling, zinging weirdness.

Fasting this morning: 157. What the??? (For the record, I went to bed at 116)

I have worked out every day this week. If that's not helping, I am going to quit and stare out the window for the rest of my life. I mean, if bad sugars happen regardless of what I do, why should I do anything? Ah, fatalism.

Also, McDonald's tried to kill me by serving me regular Dr. Pepper instead of diet. I was mad, but boy that sip was tasty. If I ever get to choose my last meal, because, you know, I kill somebody, I am having lots and lots of sugar.


  1. Did your doctor tell you it is neuropathy? Maybe it is a pinched nerve from working out? Maybe your hips need a chiropractic adjustment? I just can't imagine with your tight, tight, beyond tight control that it would be neuropathy.

  2. I go to the chiro regularly. I really like it. This was my face, fingers, toes and groin all had tingling and zinging. It was really weird. Toes burn as well. It wasn't super painful neuropathy, but it was certainly unpleasant. If it isn't neuropathy, then what is it? I would LOVE to have it be something else, instead I just feel it, and think "there's some nerve dying. Great." Fabulous attitude, right?

    Thanks for saying I have tight control. I really try very hard. :) Yesterday was just a bad diabetes day. I was constantly correcting, which always puts me in a bad mood.